Event Type: Collegiate

Data Webinar
Event in 11 days
May 4, 2021

Data Deep Dive – Google Analytics Webinar

In this deep dive of Google Analytics’ Universal Analytics, IQ Certified Ben Holland discusses what you need to know to...

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Email Marketing Workshop on April 20th
Event in -3 days
Apr 20, 2021

Email Marketing Workshop: Email Beyond the Basics

Go beyond the basics of email marketing and learn about how to ensure that your emails reach the inbox, how...

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Email Marketing Workshop on April 13th
Event in -10 days
Apr 13, 2021

Email Marketing Workshop: Email – The Real MVP of Marketing

In this session, you will learn why email marketing is the best marketing channel and what you need to run...

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AMA Triangle Young Professionals
Event in 5 days
Apr 28, 2021

Members-Only Young Professionals Meet-Up

Question: What can I expect when attending a YP Meetup? Answer: Our virtual meetups are informal, our discussions are open....

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Career Magic April 29th
Event in 6 days
Apr 29, 2021

Career Magic: Elevate Your Job Search

Join us on April 29th for this fantastic career event. If you are looking to elevate your marketing career, get...

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Linkedin for Small Biz
Event in -17 days
Apr 6, 2021

LinkedIn for Small Business Success

Join AMA Triangle and AMA New Jersey for an action-packed session where you’ll learn best practices to enhance your small...

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March 18th S3
Event in -36 days
Mar 18, 2021

Disabilities Matter: Making Inclusive Marketing

According to the United Nations, people with disabilities are the largest minority group in the world, and the World Health...

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April 1st Improv
Event in -22 days
Apr 1, 2021

YES AND… Improv For Marketers

In this improv-based workshop, we will discuss the basic tenets of improv comedy and how they can be used by...

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Real Talk April 21st
Event in -2 days
Apr 21, 2021

Community Conversations: Real Talk for BIPOC Marketers

Sometimes you just need space to be yourself… a place where you can truly bring your whole self to the...

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March Gender Bias
Event in -25 days
Mar 29, 2021

Community Conversations: Gender Bias in the Workplace

According to pre-pandemic data, experts expect the wage gap to close in 2059. Since this assessment, our world and lives...

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