Program Details

Gain access to top marketing talent through networking activities with the AMA Triangle's mentorship program!

Program Dates

2022-2023 program: January 2023 – October 2023 – Mentor applications are open — apply now.

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AMA Triangle hosts several events for CONNECT & INSPIRE members throughout the year, including mid-year kick-off and graduation events to celebrate mentor/protégé pairs.

In addition to CONNECT & INSPIRE events, pairs will also enjoy access to a variety of AMA and mentorship-related events, luncheons, job fairs, educational sessions, tutorials, and more.

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  • Mentor + protégée matching is conducted under a three-point system, including: credentials, goals, and personality. This allows for maximum compatibility and impact.
  • “Speed Dating”: A key component of any working relationship is compatibility. In our mentor + protégé speed dating event during the program kick off, participants have the opportunity to gauge their compatibility with their new potential match in a fun, relaxed environment.

Check-ins and Accountability

Pairs will decide how frequently they want to meet and will hold each other accountable to the agreed-upon standard, allowing for maximum flexibility.

Additionally, our mid-year and three-quarter-year check-ins are designed to give our participants one-on-one attention to ensure that mentor + protégé pairs are on track and goals are successfully being met. During this time, any unresolved issues that have arisen may be dealt with or mentor + protégé pairs may switch partners and amicably dissolve their relationship.