CONNECT & INSPIRE is a mentorship program that pairs established marketing experts with future marketing leaders to facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

AMA Triangle Mentorship Program

  • Gain access to key opinion leaders and top marketing talent through unparalleled networking opportunities.

Why get involved?

Our goal is to make mentorship a fun and easy process. We do the matchmaking and hold several events for each cohort, including a kickoff and graduation ceremony.


Having a mentor to help guide you through your career is a priceless opportunity. Finding the right mentor can be challenging. AMA Triangle is here to make that easier.


  • Gain knowledge and experience to advance your career
  • Access to mentors from a variety of industries to best suit your needs
  • Enhance your confidence
  • Challenge yourself to set higher goals, take risks and achieve at higher levels
  • Receive individual recognition, encouragement and professional advice
  • Learn + enhance your leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Exposure yourself to diverse perspectives, experiences and resources
  • Grow your personal network


  • Collegiate-level protégés should be undergraduates in their senior year with an interest in marketing or a related field
  • Professional-level protégés should have a minimum of one year of industry experience (regardless of age or education)


Being a mentor is a great way to give back to the community, while gaining a different perspective from up-and-coming marketers.


  • Gain a fresh perspective
  • Build valuable, long-lasting relationships while expanding your network
  • Support and foster the next generation of marketers
  • Contribute to your own personal and professional growth
  • Gain exposure to new + emerging talent pools
  • Enhance your coaching, leadership, management and recruiting skills
  • Help emerging professionals develop to their potential


  • Must have at least five years continuous, professional experience

More Information

Applications for mentors in the 2019-2020 CONNECT & INSPIRE cohort are still open! Applications for protégés have closed. Join as an AMA Triangle member or non-member.

Check Out Some Thought Starters for Conversations with a Mentor

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