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Workshop 1: A New Strategy For Success Blending Contemporary, Data-driven Approaches With Traditional Marketing Practices

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Nov 17, 2020

4:00 - 6:00 PM


This virtual meetup will be held online. Attendees will receive the link to join during registration.


CONTENT LEVELS: Beginner and Intermediate

The strongest leading indicators of what brands people choose are their interests and opinions. These attitudes provide a statistically sound model that maps the competitive and customer landscape. Data-driven approaches can create data-built frameworks that can be applied more broadly and in cases absent of data. This contemporary approach unlocks new opportunities for traditional marketing and branding strategies.

Today we are surrounded by data. Talk of data. Availability of data. Tools for data. And the promises of data.

Data is a critical component for todayโ€™s marketing leaders but its insights are a product of subjectivity. Strategy development is a creative endeavor and new, different perspectives on data sets can lead to new, differentiated opportunities.

And while data is a critical tool in the marketing toolbox, there can be many reasons that it can be elusive, thus crippling or even paralyzing strategic development. It can be expensive. It can be incomplete. It can be dated. It can be gathered for other purposes that donโ€™t fit.

So we can also learn from data and reapply its patterns.

Developing market and customer strategies for dozens of clients big and small across many industries has created data-built diagnostic approaches that can be done with limited data sets or even collective experience and intuition.

These contemporary approaches provide new perspectives and create breakthrough opportunities for marketing to contribute to the growth of any organization.

Data can be a strategic advantage, even if it’s not there.


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