March 8 Webinar

How To: Create Captivating Virtual Events in 2021

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CONTENT LEVEL: Beginner + Intermediate


Mar 8, 2021

Noon - 1pm EST



From dynamic content to interactive strategy, learn how employing just a few simple tools could turn your virtual events and client calls into the interactive experience that will leave them wanting more.

It’s 2021 and Zoom fatigue is all the way real. It’s time to take your virtual meetings to the next level by recapturing your audience’s attention and standing out in the endless sea of virtual events.

By employing dynamic content, personalization techniques, and interactive strategies you can better engage your audience and leave them wanting more.



3 Things To Help You Level Up In 2021:


1. Planned Presence

Be strategic about your appearance! Break from the “hunched over laptop” norms and discover how standing, gesturing, eye-contact, background, lighting, and camera angles can help you establish stronger connections with your virtual audience.

2. Dynamic Content

Maximize alignment between what you have to say and what your audience wants to hear! Explore the keys to a compelling message, how to structure your content modularly and how to create navigational presentations.

3. Interactive Broadcasts

With the virtual world at your fingertips, there are so many ways you can drive engagement with attendees: live polls, virtual webcam software, democratized Q&A, side chats, live streams on social, and more. Get creative!

You’ll leave this webinar with practical, actionable insights to make your virtual events, conferences, all-hands meetings, and client consultations highly compelling experiences – and you won’t need to be a technical guru to make it happen!

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