Conducting Buyer Research Workshop 2/8/22

Conducting Buyer Research & Building the Buyer’s Journey

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CONTENT LEVEL: Beginner + Intermediate


Feb 8, 2022

4:30-6:00 PM



As a result of attending this talk, attendees will:

  • Understand buyer personas, profiles, and how to start creating your own – including a free template to do so
  • Know how to use a competitor research report card
  • Use this research to set your marketing strategy up for success

Marketing strategy is like building a house. All good houses start with a solid foundation. The easiest way to make sure your digital-marketing foundation is solid is through research. To get a full understanding of who you are marketing to, how they make decisions, and what else is out there, it is important to deep dive into both your potential customers and your competitors. In this session, you will learn where to start when it comes to customer and competitive research. You will learn three ways to conduct customer research, the process of creating buyer profiles and buyer personas, and who should be conducting this research for your organization. You will also learn about the buyer’s journey and how that fits into your buyer personas and content marketing strategies. Mary Cate will also give you a buyer research template to take home so you can get started creating your own buyer profiles and personas. 


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Non-Member Guests: $30.00

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