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My Transition Journey

Posted @ Apr 23, 2020

By AMA Triangle

The Covid-19 Pandemic has touched everyone’s life, but if you’ve lost your job, this disruptive force is hitting you particularly...

AMA Triangle Volunteer Quarantine Recommendations

Posted @ Apr 05, 2020

By AMA Triangle

How is everyone? These are interesting times and please know team AMA Triangle is here for you. Our team is...
screenshot of communications platform slack

Announcing AMA Triangle’s Community ✨SLACK✨

Posted @ Mar 31, 2020

By AMA Triangle

Hi AMA community — how is everyone doing? Hopefully you’re acclimating to our new environment with COVID-19. That said, sending...

Important News on AMA Triangle Events

Posted @ Mar 16, 2020

By AMA Triangle

Hi all! To do our part to #flattenthecurve (h/t to our friends at ProductTankRTP) and to align with CDC guidelines,...

Meet the ✨NEW✨AMA Triangle Website!

Posted @ Feb 26, 2020

By AMA Triangle

Hi AMA community -- we’ve mentioned this what feels like a million times (who’s counting?) but it’s finally here --...
Virtual Reality

Advantages of Virtual Reality in Marketing

Posted @ Feb 07, 2020

By Guest Contributor

Virtual reality isn’t a new thing, but its applications are indeed making people notice. Virtual reality is a computer-generated simulation....

How to Turn Donors into Raving Fans

Posted @ Jan 30, 2020

By Guest Contributor

Uniting for a cause can be a bonding experience.  I was reminded of this recently when I moved to a...

Important News on AMA Triangle’s High Five Conference

Posted @ Jan 12, 2020

By AMA Triangle

Hi all! We’re so appreciative of your presence and engagement at the High Five Conference – whether you attended one...