Meet the Board

AMA Triangle board members serve one-year terms, from July to the following June. Each Spring the membership elects a President, President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer. Vice Presidents and Directors are appointed by the President.

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  • Tracy Russell-Beck


  • Misty Wilson


  • Kelly Gelinne

    Immediate Past President

  • Lauren Godwin


  • Matt Illuzzi


  • John-Paul Schick

    General Counsel

  • Danny Rosin

    Vice President of Partnerships

  • Ben Ross

    Vice President of Communications

  • Pam Williams

    Vice President of Membership

  • Ashley Cianci

    Vice President of Programing

  • Diane Stadlen

    Vice President of Sponsorship

  • Jasmine Brown-Matthews

    Vice President of Community Relations

  • Hank Hoffmeier

    Vice President of Employment Services

  • Victoria Centeno

    Vice President at Large (High Five)

  • Elizabeth Ruf

    Vice President at Large

  • Jared Brickman

    Vice President at Large

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